Time Capsule #8

My friend, Joseph Dabrowski, was in Atlanta this past week for a certification class, and I decided to take the opportunity to interview him while he was here.

Born in 1968, he definitely isn’t one of the “oldest” interviewees, but I wanted to capture what he had to say, for his daughter, Elizabeth, who is just 18 months old.

Joe talks about growing up in a military family, and eventually settling down in Las Vegas with his wife, Andrea.

He reminisces about his mother, and how she always found time to play games, and be there for her “Shadow”.

But most importantly, Joe talks about Lizzy, the joy and love and adoption brings, and the unexpected changes that come with parenthood.

Running time for this interview is 30 minutes and 32 seconds. The interview was done with the VN-960PC Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, with the noise cancelling microphone.

Of course, our opening theme song is “Tracked In Mud”, by Cory Davies, and the music played in the middle of the podcast is “Hasten The Day”, by Barry Mauer. As usual, all of the music comes to us courtesy of the artists, and podsafeaudio.com

Now sit back, relax, and take a journey back in time, while we get RetroMental.

Time Capsule #8

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