Time Capsule #7

This week, I conduct my first phone interview, and it’s with my father, Robert Barrett.

Born in 1933 in Green River, Wyoming, my father was quite a handful growing up, and talks about the trials and tribulations of his family.

He tells us about his father, who worked for the railroad, and the time they spent in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He also speaks of his mother, who was born in Panama while her father was helping to construct the Panama Canal.

He reminisces about serving in the Navy during the Korean War, surveying mining claims, and his many years in law enforcement.

Follow along as he discovers life, love, and God.

Running time for this interview is 45 minutes and 20 seconds. The interview was done with the VN-960PC Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, with the “telephone” microphone.

This week the sponsor for the show is Buttercup Mercantile.

Of course, our opening theme song is “Tracked In Mud”, by Cory Davies, and the music played in the middle of the podcast is “Glurg”, also by Cory Davies.

Now sit back, relax, and take a journey back in time, while we get RetroMental.

Time Capsule #7

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