Time Capsule #4

This week, I visit with Dr. Joanne Rhone from Clark Atlanta University.

Born in Diboll, Texas, Joanne talks to us about her childhood, some of her adventures growing up, and her love for Christmas.

She tells us about her mother and father, who were quite busy raising and providing for 12 children. Her father worked in a sawmill and was nearly killed in a freak accident, and her mother, a strong disciplinarian, stayed at home to raise her and her 11 siblings.

Dr. Rhone tells us what it was like chopping and picking cotton, and working on the farm in Bonita, Louisiana, where they moved after her father’s accident.

She reminisces about playing marbles with the boys, and doing all the things the boys did, even when she was supposed to be doing “girl” things.

She shares her view of God, the devil, and her Southern Baptist upbringing.

Dr. Rhone shared so much during our interview, that I decided to split it into three shows. This is part 1.

Running time for this interview is 44 minutes and 29 seconds. The interview was done with the VN-960PC Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, with the noise cancelling microphone.

Our sponsors for this episode are Insignificant Thoughts and Buttercup Mercantile. I thank them for sponsoring the show.

Of course, our opening theme song is “Tracked In Mud”, by Cory Davies, and the music played in the middle of the podcast is “Resolve” by Simpatico.

Now sit back, relax, and take a journey back in time, while we get RetroMental.

Time Capsule #4

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