Episode #1

For our debut interview, I sit down with my mother-in-law, Joyce, in the comfort of her living room.

Throughout the interview you will hear her daughter, April, sitting in the background, snapping her fingers on a book. Joyce has dedicated her life to taking care of April, who is severely handicapped.

Joyce talks about living as a young child in West Virginia and playing near the New River Bridge.

She also discusses the Great Depression and the effect it had on her family.

Follow along as Joyce tells us about her family’s move to Baltimore and how she eventually made her way to the state of Georgia.

Running time for this interview is 42 minutes and 47 seconds. The interview itself was done using a VN-960PC Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, which works very well, but we have already ordered a noise cancelling microphone for the next interview, just in case.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Episode #1

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